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When I was a kid, I remember people fetching water from springs, streams, brooks or man-made deepwell. These were enough for drinking water. But these days, you’d want need your drinking water purified from a water purifier or order bottled waters from water purifying companies.

Ideally, the water that comes out of the faucet should be clean enough for drinking. However, in our location, it is not. Currently, most people rely on water refilling stations for their drinking water. These businesses boomed at the entry of the new millenium and a lot are still making money from it right now.

A 5-Gallon bottled water costs Php35-135 depending on which business you’d be ordering from. We can consume a 5-Gallon drinking water in a normal week. Thus, in a year, we’d be spending Php1,820-7,020. It’s a little amount because there’s just me, husband and Jack Jack. But how about those households with more occupants?

Remember when I told you that we’d like our house to be self-sufficient? Since last year (Yeah, I cannot believe I never mentioned this to you), we have stopped ordering bottled waters from water refilling stations because we are using our very own water purifier. Honestly, even if these water refilling stations were just a dial away, I still find it tacky that I have to call, be properly dressed, wait and receive the order.

I want my life to be as simple as this. When I need the water, I switch it and … Boom! Clean water out!

We just keep two 5-Gallon bottled water of Wilkins for emergency purposes. Since Wilkins is a good brand, I believe their bottled water can be kept for 6 months at-most. In case, water is cut off or contaminated when disaster strikes.

I’m not sure how much it costs but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t amount as much as the total costs of bottled water that you have consumed. Not to mention that it keeps on adding to that as long as you are drinking water. I’m just lucky I inherited our water purifier from our old house.

Here’s another wonderful part of using a water purifier. Apparently, it does not only save you on costs and time, it also helps to make your household greener since you are reducing carbon footprint by doing so.

Until our local water system is drinkable, having a water purifier works really great for our household. Comfortable, frugal and green. Perfect!

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