8 Travel Boredom Busters for Kids

I love doing everything and anything with my kid. Anything but waiting. You see, kids are not very good with boredom. They are even bored when doing something. How much more when they are doing nothing?

I can assure you boredom in kids could result into a cranky, tantrum packed kid. And you are definitely going to be stressed for sure.

This is why I prepared activities for my kid during our last out of town beach vacation. Sounds crazy, right? It’s a vacation that is supposed to keep them busy. But these saved me from growing wrinkles and gray hair.

Since we would be traveling, the activities should be light and mobile. We’re not bringing a car so it shouldn’t be bulky or something that I do not want to lose while traveling. It should be something that could be broken/lost without me or Jack Jack crying. I prepared the following travel activities:

1. Preschool worksheets/Coloring sheets. We do a lot of these at home. I just print them with the Printer Settings on Fast Draft to save ink. These sheets can be downloaded over the internet for free. Either with a pencil or crayons, the kid would be busy.

2. Stories. Truth is, you don’t need to prepare for this. Whatever story crosses your mind, or whatever you see on the road, you can make up any story. Even a sentence can capture the kid’s attention.

3. Books. I brought 4 of his favorite Curious George books.

4. Snacks. Kids go hungry too, you know.

5. Toys. Of course!

6. Songs. I don’t know about you. But my kid loves singing especially when I sing with him.

7. Stacking cups. I kept some gelatin cups before for stacking. We have those cups in incremental sizes but I don’t want to lose those on the road.

8. Bubble wrap. It’s a hit! My kid doesn’t want to stop popping it. Even the adults got addicted. Ok, that would be me. You might think it’s trash but it’s not. A friend reminded me that I once played it as a kid. I cannot believe I forgot.

Electronic devices such as an iPad,  iTouch, iPhone, PSP, laptops etc. could also suffice. But I’m limiting his screen time. Not that he’s not doing any but as much as I can, I try to remove it from his daily activities. When he goes for a day without it, I consider that an accomplishment because it’s pretty difficult to get something done without screen time.

So there’s my 8 travel boredom busters. What’s yours?

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