Color Sorting

I cannot remember exactly when Jack Jack learned to recognize colors perfectly but it’s definitely before his third birthday. We have books on colors and we just kept on testing his knowledge on colors until he can always answer with the correct color. He even knows Indigo!

As another activity, I figured he should be ready for sorting colors. Since I could only use whatever is available to me, I was able to scrounge remote control holders. It seems that these things never worked for us. The remotes never end up in it. It is either going to be purged or repurposed. I chose the latter.

I dug up these magnetic letters and numbers from a purchase I did way back. It’s perfect for this activity:

 We also have these Legos for sorting:

Whenever I join him in this sorting game, I would almost always put some pieces in the wrong color group. He’d gladly pick those up to correct my mistake and tell me about it. However, when I have it correct, he’d say, “Good job, Mama!”

We still have more toys that we sort in bins. Jack Jack enjoys doing them. After sorting the Legos by color, the next play would be building them.

Have fun sorting colors!

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