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Both the husband and I are book lovers. We both grew up with a passion for reading books. Yeah, we’re geeks! The reading is probably why I needed corrective eyeglasses but that never stopped me.

When we had Jack Jack, we wanted him to have the same fondness for books. And it seems that he has took after us since he enjoys being read to. Most of the time, he would sit still and listen when I start reading a book. It is actually a part of our bedtime routine that even if he says he does not want to sleep, he couldn’t stop himself from listening intently when I start reading.

I started reading soft books to him when he was around a year old. If there’s time and extra budget, we would frequent book sales and bookstores to either read or buy books. I can even remember the first time he walked into a bookstore in awe. And then our books got plenty. I don’t remember having that much books when I was a kid. Most of our collection would be Curious George, Cat in the Hat and Pat the Bunny books. He loved going through it all. Sometimes even telling the story himself with the use of the pictures.

This early exposure to reading is probably why he enjoys reading too. Well, he can’t read yet but he recognizes each letter of the alphabet – small caps or not. And he also knows how to sound each letter. He “reads” his books on his own like he’s playing. Never looked at studying like it’s a chore. I’m quite excited to see the day that he would be able to read by himself!

This is why we were so delighted to hear about National Library of the Philippines‘ celebration of Children’s Month.

Click the image to go to their site.

We are sooo going!

This is going to be a field trip for next week (so long as the weather permits it!). The best thing about it is that it’s for FREE (Dolly told me so on the phone)! Who’s coming with?

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  • AnneM

    Hi Carol! I love books too and seemed to have passed it on to my child. I make sure that we read books together and am glad I’ve got a Kindle because Amazon allows me to have access to tons of cool kiddie books.
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    1. The Lazy Mama

      That’s great! It’s amazing when you are passing on good habits to your kids, isn’t it?

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