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I just realized that I have been wearing my hair curly for more than two years now. My hair is naturally curly. I usually had it relaxed because I don’t want to be curly. Surprisingly, I’m quite enjoying my curls.

Honestly, I would rather have my head shaved but the husband doesn’t want me to. Probably because people would think of me as a man having my cup size back to it’s cute little AA size.

Usually, I had it permed using the traditional procedure but last December, I had the opportunity (introductory promo by Soiree Salon at Php2500!!!) to have it digipermed (Digital Perming).

At first, I thought that having a curly hair would be hard to maintain. Everytime you wash it, you will need to set or blow-dry it. It will be heavy with all the hair creams and products that you need to apply. You will need to use expensive products to keep your curls curly.

Well, from my experience, these are all wrong. This is how I maintain my hair:

  • After washing, I comb only the top of my hair with a wide-toothed comb and scrunch. I set it sometimes but only when I feel like it. Lately, I haven’t done that. (Ok, Ken is going to kill me for this!)
  • In the morning, after waking up, I don’t need to comb my hair. Just flatten the top with my hand and push my curls up a bit and I’m ready to go out.
  • I use a regular shampoo with a local conditioner for bouncy hair (just chose the one with a curly picture).
  • When I’m out, I don’t need to do or bring anything for my hair.
  • What else? That’s it!

That’s not so hard, is it? Anyways, I’m now on my 10th month and I still have curls. It’s a love and hate relationship. There are days that I love it while there are still bad hair days. No matter what style, it happens to anybody, right?

Having a preschooler in tow, I had to choose a hairstyle that is easy to maintain, budget friendly and at least makes me look pretty. I can go out on a whim and my kid can freely pull, toss or play with my hair without me worrying about him touching any chemicals from hair products. That freakin’ hurts, by the way, but that’s how kids play sometimes. Not that I’m tolerating it but having a boy, they’re just that rowdy.

In my opinion, it is even easier than when I had my hair relaxed. Having a long hair needed combing regularly within the day. During the procedure, I had to endure my fear of the hair iron. And after it, I had to sleep in a stiff-neck-inducing position or bat-like position.

I’m planning to have my hair digipermed again before the year ends. I hope I’d get another good deal from them. Otherwise, watch out groupon sites! I can’t believe that for years, I have been ignoring my natural curls. Not knowing that embracing my real hair would make my life so much more easier.

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  • Rone

    I don’t know what it is but young girls all wanted straight hair. At least in my time. Now many of my friends have learned to embrace the curls. It’s so much easier and looks even better. For my wavy hair I find it is crucial to find a stylist that knows how to cut not-your-typical-stright-Asian hair.
    Rone recently posted..I Cannot Believe We Have Vacation Pictures!

    1. The Lazy Mama

      I agree! One should really find a good stylist and stick to them.

  • Loreen

    hi sis. Im also had a wavy/curly hair,but finds hard time in maintaining it. even if you have a curly hair, it is possible to have it digiperm? any other recommended products for maintaining or enhancing my curls? thank you for sharing your blog. loves reading it.

    1. The Lazy Mama

      I think the digiperm will enhance the curls more if you’re curly already – your stylist can best answer if it is for you. For the products, I use local products for maintenance. Any shampoo with Cream Silk for wavy hair (the one with the curly girl picture). When I want to style it (which I would normally get lazy to do), I use Bench Fix, the violet one, for a good hold and shine. Other products like the mousse or gel – I find them too heavy on the hair. Hope this helps!

  • dothy

    I want to try digiperm but I’m currently breastfeeding. Not sure if there’s a smell after the hair is digipermed and how long will it lasts, if ever. I haven’t found a good stylist yet though.

    1. The Lazy Mama

      Not really sure about that. My kid was around a year old when I had mine done. I just didn’t take him with me during the procedure. To be sure, check with your OB or the products that will be used. Most of the time, the bottle will indicate if it is safe for nursing moms. You can also try googling the products if you are unsure.

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