The Homeschooling Option

I’m not sure what got into me except for the fact that I can see Jack Jack and our family benefiting so much if we would choose to homeschool. If you will notice, I have a new category on homeschooling.

Honestly, I am not the teacher-material. I think many people knew that. And my patience hangs quite low on it’s string. However, I think motherhood changed all that. I find these changes to be marvelous. You’d know what I mean if you had a child yourself.

Homeschooling is pretty much like breastfeeding. It has been practiced by our ancestors for thousands of years and yet these days they seem to be obsolete. Interestingly, most people call them out of the norm. While weighing out our options, these originally “traditional” choice seems to work best for our family.


  • Easier. Both the husband and I work at home. We think it is so much easier for us to juggle chores, work and homeschooling. Time is well spent since you are bonding and teaching at the same time. The traffic to and from school is converted to more sleep and relaxation for us and Jack Jack.
  • Security reasons. We all know how much of a risk it is these days to go out. Even if we have a car to get the kid to school or use public transportation, the risk remains to be a scene from a horrific nightmare I do not want to have.
  • Child exposure. If you are a parent yourself, I’m pretty sure you are aware of how much bullying is so rampant in kids these days (they say it is from watching too much reality TV). Homeschooling gives you the option to choose who your kids mingle with. Having them exposed to multiple levels (and not only to kids their age), gives them a sense of maturity. People (same with kids) are more likely to acquire attitude from people they are exposed to. Besides, who needs 30 friends when you can have 5 “quality” friends.
  • Health. How do you think viruses and diseases get into the house? Are you still wondering why most kids get sick during the start of the school year? Well, it’s not only from school of course, but the chances of viruses getting passed on to your kid and into your home would be lesser if you spend most of your time at home.
  • Budget. We all know how much a good school costs these days. The tuition fee could even amount to a 6-digit figure and it doesn’t even include transportation, allowance, books and uniform. Then they are sent home with homeworks where the parent will need to assist them. Isn’t that a little redundant when I can free up 2-4 hours of my day for homeschooling?

We have been doing a little home-pre-schooling lately and so far, he has learned a lot! He knows the ABC (song, order, identification of caps and small caps, phonics and hand signs), counting, nursery songs, colors, shapes, etc. I cannot believe how fast they can absorb in 5 months! Not to mention that we did those in a no-schedule spur of the moment way.

* Look at how intense he is about grouping the letters – small and caps. Did you notice that he is using the book as a cheat sheet? Me too!

I’m pretty excited and scared about this new adventure at the same time. I still have a year and 7 months to decide if we are really jumping into this or not. Besides my doubts on my academic skills (I was absent minded in school a lot), resources aren’t that easy to have at hand. Most of them are abroad. Also, I’d like to add Singapore Math and Chinese into the regular curriculum. Well, that is going to be so much more complicated, isn’t it?

Besides the above complications, my self-discipline, scheduling and structure isn’t all that great. If you know me, you’d be nodding your head right now and will be shaking it if I ask you whether I should be homeschooling.

The more I research about homeschooling, the more I feel that it is for us. I just hope I get to have more ideas on the internet because I’m pretty sure I’d bore my kid to death if I don’t.

Whether we do homeschool or not, I’d still be here guiding him in every step. I believe this is a very important factor in kid’s education. It is a really big step

What do you think about homeschooling?

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  • Erika

    I’m not a mom yet so I won’t really understand the implications of homeschooling as much as you do but I think there are of course good sides also on traditional/progressive educational institutions especially on the child’s social development. Just my two cents. :)
    Erika recently posted..Happiness is a state of mind

    1. The Lazy Mama

      Hi Erika! Honestly, I would have never thought about homeschooling if I wasn’t a Mom yet. It is something I never grew up with and right now it is an eye-opener to me especially everytime I find new information on it.

  • The Hippie Mum

    Interesting points here! Hubby and I both work from home as well, and it’s something we are considering now. My main issue is security. I’m just too terrified to let her be out by herself. We got a few more years to decide anyway, so we’ll see if my paranoia fades away.
    The Hippie Mum recently posted..The Hubby’s Rad Grad

    1. The Lazy Mama

      As a Mom, I don’t believe the paranoia will fade completely. Maybe a bit.

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  • Momma Sheil

    Homeschooling is definitely a great choice! You and your kiddo will have a great time learning together which are memories that he will certainly cherish forever. Lots of pros over cons actually. I homeschooled my son during preschool when we were in UAE. We just did it 2 hours everyday (before dinner time, after I came home from work). Weekends were spent outside – the beach, museums,travelling in other emirates, children’s park, malls, bookstores or just simply running and playing with friends of various nationalities. And so when he entered grade school in Manila, he has proven to be an achiever. I am just left in awe and amazement whenever I see him doing good in school. I know that he will continue to achieve lots of things in the future as he is equipped with the right values, a solid homeschooling foundation and love from parents who are always ready to back him up. At the end of the day, it’s what really counts. God bless you with your choice. Happy parenting!

    1. The Lazy Mama

      Thank you for sharing. I am so glad to hear about your story. I have been researching as much as I can and the more that I do, the more that I am convinced that it is the right fit for us. Not to mention the little things that makes it even more appealing. Just making sure that we choose the right curriculum – thus, more research for me. Thanks again and Godspeed!

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