DIY Trick or Treat Costume: Ben 10

This year, for Halloween, is the first time I got to have Jack Jack choose his own trick or treat costume. Besides the fact that he’s got a lot of opinion now, he enjoys independence especially with decision making. If I were to decide on his costume and he doesn’t like it, I don’t believe he’d ever wear it. Much like the idea of having wheels on his costume last year.

It scared me to ask because there is that possibility that I won’t be able to make it happen. What if it is impossible to DIY? Or that I’d need to buy the costume? What if it cost too much? Oooh, that would be crazy.

I asked him his choice of costume a month ago and his first choice was the pirate. Cool, I can do pirate (after googling). The next week, the winds have turned. He wants to be Mickey Mouse. Uh-oh, that is a bit complicated but still doable. And then the next time I asked him, he wants to be Ben 10. Hmmm… I may need to procrastinate or else I’d be sitting on 10 costumes and he won’t wear any. For days, he continued to switch from Mickey Mouse and Ben 10. I don’t want to make both!

Finally, the last minute came and his choice is still Ben 10. Actually, I don’t know how he came to know Ben 10 – we never watch the guy or he never watches it with me. But maybe from some of his friends or when I don’t get to monitor what he is watching.

Since I already know how to make the costumes (Mickey Mouse and Ben 10), I already have the materials for them (although I’m missing some from Mickey). Thank goodness, Ben 10 is waaayyy much easier.

Here are the materials:

  • Dark green khaki pants – Dark jeans could also work but it’s better if it’s green.
  • White shirt
  • Rubber shoes
  • Any Ben 10 Omnitrix
  • Hair gel
  • Masking tape
  • Black sharpie
  • Ruler

*We have all the materials above available at home except for the Omnitrix.


  1. We don’t need to change anything but the white shirt. (I planned on sewing this year that I already have the fabric and the sewing machine at hand but I work better with pens so we’ll stick to that for now.) Use the black sharpie to line the neckline and sleeves of the shirt.
  2. To achieve a straight line, I used a ruler to have a line in the front’s center and placed a masking tape.
  3. Start shading inside the masking tape just like how we did in Step #1. Don’t you just love masking tape?
  4. Remove the masking tape. I don’t believe it would be this straight had I sewn this!
  5. Use a steaming iron to press the shirt. This will make the ink permanent – hopefully.
  6. You can also wash the shirt in 1 part water + 1 part vinegar to make sure the ink wouldn’t run and bleed out. Washing will also remove the ink smell.
  7. Put on the Omnitrix, pants and rubber shoes on. We bought ours from Landmark for the steal price of Php69.75! Yay!
  8. Use the hair gel to style kid’s hair.

Time elapsed: 2 hours

“Mama, it’s Ben 10!” cried a little girl after Jack Jack changed into his costume. Music to my ears!

We attended two trick or treat parties. Both are for FREE! I’m pretty crunchy this year considering that next year could be Jack Jack’s first year in school. Or homeschool. Jack Jack enjoyed them so much that it took a lot of effort and tricks up my sleeve to convince him to leave. I’m not sure if I would be able to handle more than that. Maybe when he’s bigger – like next year? I’ve listed them below for my reviews:

  1. California Pizza Kitchen Trinoma’s Super CPKids to the Rescue. It was just a small party but it seems like they aren’t that organized. Besides that they didn’t have a mic for the program, they only had 1 cupcake for each kid. (I heard that their Greenbelt branch had cupcakes, pizza and drinks for the kids.) Their photobooth also came in late, had technical problems from handling so much people and their camera is not focused on the subject at all. Jack Jack enjoyed being around kids even if he didn’t win in games and the photobooth (only because he likes his pictures taken). By the way, most of their prizes we noticed are for boys. Maybe they should consider changing their prizes for the girls next year.
  2. Rustan’s Witches & Wizards Children’s Halloween Activity. I like that there was a lot of activities for the kids. However, we didn’t get to use their Nail Art, Face Painting and some food booths because of the long line and I don’t think Jack Jack will stay still for face painting. He enjoyed using the Crayola chalk that they have and was seriously coloring his ghost during the activity. He also enjoyed their chocolate drinks and asked for more which they gladly provided.We also got to join the costume contest where they took the kid’s picture and have it be voted on on facebook. It’s just that we had a little tantrum time that Jack Jack didn’t want to pose (this is a first!) for the camera. I was expecting that their photographer would be patient especially for a kid subject but after about 3 shots, she told me that it’s done – only to see Jack Jack’s picture not smiling. Really disappointed with this because I got to take his picture at the same time frame where my kid is smiling or somehow pretending to smile. While she didn’t. She’s using a DSLR. I’m using a point and shoot camera (DSLR’s are just too heavy for me). And look at the picture I got on the top of this post. How come I got that nice shot while she didn’t? Enough ranting, if you could just please vote for us, I’d be a happy stage Mama and Jack Jack would be soooo happy with his new car. So please, please, please do vote for us! Like Rustan’s page to view the photos of the  contestants placed in the album “Witches and Wizards Virtual Costume Contest”. Then LIKE Ben 10 – Contestant #55.

Phew! This has got to be the post with the most pictures. And now for some nice music.

*Ever seen Ben 10 in recital?

By the way, Jack Jack loved his costume so much that he didn’t want to take it off after the said parties. I’m thinking of making lots of this shirt for him because I can almost hear him everyday wanting to wear his Ben 10 shirt. I also love that people recognizes him as Ben 10, he is comfortable and wouldn’t stop asking to go to costume parties even after all the Halloween festivities.

Have you been trick or treatin’ this year? Where did you go?

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