10 Reasons You Will Want to Breastfeed Your Toddler

This was supposed to be an entry to the very recent Milk Mama Diaries Carnival but I wasn’t able to register early enough. Well, charge that to my unstructured self.

I truly admire people who are pro-breastfeeding. Doesn’t matter for how long or how much but as long as your baby or kid is getting breastmilk, you are a star for me. Pretty much the same star that Jack Jack’s pediatrician has marked on our medical record. She always supported me on anything about breastfeeding. But in case you are wondering what else is in store for you after breastfeeding your baby, I’m sharing my top 10 reasons why you will still breastfeed your toddler.

So here it is:

10. Breastfeeding toddlers are smart. From Dr. Sears, “The intellectual advantage gained from breastfeeding is greater the longer the baby is breastfed.” I think this alone will change your mind but feel free to read on.

9. They get sick less often. Just like when you are breastfeeding your baby, they are still receiving the same wonderful antibodies that Moms pass on to them. Jack Jack still gets sick from time to time but only after everyone’s had the virus already and only gets sick for a while. He once got sick terribly that he didn’t want to eat anything at all but he finds food and comfort on the breast. OR he would nurse like crazy when there is a virus around and then he never gets sick at all. From the World Health Organization, “a modest increase in breastfeeding rates could prevent up to 10% of all deaths of children under five: Breastfeeding plays an essential and sometimes underestimated role in the treatment and prevention of childhood illness.”

8. Instant Tantrum tamer. Toddlers are very moody. They are contagious when they are happy as well as when they are sad. Honestly, it scares me to think about how I would sit for a child who is not breastfed. Life is short. Let’s just skip all the drama and whip out a boob. It is a much more enjoyable experience.

7. Convenience. If you have been breastfeeding for a while now, you will know exactly what I mean. In addition to skipping the bottle cleaning and a smaller diaper bag, toddlers will need snacks when going out. What’s easier/better than snacking on a boob for a breastfed child? Also, it is so much easier to put them to sleep on the boob while outside. If ever we have to leave the house in an emergency (I hope not), I can be sure we can be packed in a flash.

6. Nutrition. With toddlers, we are always doubting if our toddlers are getting enough nutrition. Probably because they don’t eat regularly as we think they should. No matter how many times people tell me the myth that breastmilk loses it’s nutritional quality after the first year, I still don’t believe it. If it’s got no value anymore, I don’t believe that it would still be there. I am not that religious, but I believe that breastmilk is always the perfect food whatever the kid’s age is and as long as both mother and child wanted it.

5. Delayed Menstruation. I didn’t have my period up until 15 months of breastfeeding. It was awesome! The time before it goes back differs from Mom to Mom. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones who skipped it this long.

4. Easier to Lose Weight. As long as you are breastfeeding, your body continues to produce milk and continues to lose your body’s fat reserves. You are technically losing 500 calories a day when you are breastfeeding. Actually, I was back on pre-pregnancy weight 6 months post partum. A mother’s body naturally produces fat reserves years after giving birth for the reason that they are not meant to wean earlier than a year. This pretty much explains why I’m gaining weight now that Jack Jack is slowly weaning himself. So I guess he shouldn’t be weaning at 42 months? Or maybe I should be watching my diet from now.

3. Health Benefits for Mom. Health benefits aren’t just for babies. There are also plenty for Moms. Breastfeeding is linked to lower risk of these health problems in women: Type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and postpartum depression.

2. Breastfeeding is Green. Not only you will be skipping the bottle cleaning, you get to purchase fewer bottles, soap, water and also fewer sterilizer usage. Do you know how much more carbon footprint are produced from formula milk manufacturing?

1. The Snuggles. If I could choose one benefit among all the benefits of breastfeeding, it is the bonding time we have from snuggling. I will always cherish the time that we spend together. Having Jack Jack decide when he wants to wean allows me to make the most out of our breastfeeding relationship.

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  • Anne Margaux Quezada

    so true!

  • Badet

    Another benefit is that I don’t have to carry baby when putting her to sleep. We just lie down together come bedtime. Hubby tells me “madaya”, hahaha…
    Badet recently posted..11 months! Woot, 1 month to go!

    1. The Lazy Mama

      What? Aren’t they (husbands) the ones who are madaya because they can sleep longer than us? Hahaha!

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