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Honestly, I have long been holding off on this post. Maybe because there’s two sides to this and each parent can choose only one. I didn’t write this post to say that I’m right or which side you should be on but for me this makes my life so much easier plus it gives me peace of mind. Pretty much like breastfeeding, eh? Well, not so much.

When Jack Jack learned how to walk, I knew I was in for some chasing. It’s a fun thing to do IF you are playing and NOT when you are trying to accomplish something.

Kids do not understand yet the safety issue behind wandering off or running away from a busy parent. They think everything is just a game.

I remember how much of a fright I gave my Mom when she lost me when I was 10. I have a great sense of direction that I am too confident that I could find her even if I go in another part of the mall. Stubborn kid equals stubborn adult. I have never lost Jack Jack in a public place (well, not long enough to scare me though) but I am pretty sure my face would lose all the colors in the world should it happen. *Knock on wood*

And because I couldn’t afford this hi-tech solution or a personal bodyguard just yet, this made me purchase the Eddie Bauer Harness Buddy the moment he learned how to walk.

Some might judge me for putting my kid on a harness or that I should hold his hand when outside but that is just not going to be possible for me. I need more assurance than that. My husband and I run a household without help so we’re pretty much on our own when we’re out most of the time. There are times that I do errands alone with Jack Jack and he’s a very independent kid that he could ran away easily from me. With all the horrors rumors of child-organ trafficking in our location and with the holiday rush, it scares me terribly to lose sight of him for even a few seconds.

Jack Jack loves his monkey harness that he likes wearing it when we’re outside. Maybe because of the cute monkey that it is – he loves Curious George! So putting it on him is not a problem at all.

Most of the time I don’t use the harness. My kid just wears it like a bag and I can easily hold on to the shoulder straps. FYI: he also prefers to have his hands free.

I don’t want to play hide-and-seek or Where’s Wally when all I wanted to do is finish a day’s errands. So I think I would rather take people’s criticisms than deal with a lost child.

Do you have additional tips on kid’s security when outside?

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  • ocmominmanila

    I totally understand parents who have harnesses, especially in malls or airports where you have your hands full and can’t have your eye on the child 100% of the time.

    It’s also good to put “child tags” on them in case they do get lost — a small tag that hangs on the belt or just a calling card in the pocket with your contact details.
    ocmominmanila recently posted..Only the Mildest Water for My Baby

    1. The Lazy Mama

      Thanks for reminding me about the tags. We have that but I don’t usually get to put it on him.

  • Helene

    My son is super active as well whenever we’re at the mall. We actually bought something similar, but sadly, my son didn’t take well to it – it made him really mad, and he would struggle and cry until we removed it. So that wasn’t successful. Now we just do our best to hold his hand, or watch him when he doesn’t want his hand held (we don’t have a yaya too). And we always scold him if he goes too far. Sometimes we’ll place him on the stroller (which he hates unless he’s sleeping) and let him go only if he’s good again. But yeah, I don’t think anyone has the right to criticize a parent’s decision to make sure that their child is safe and secure.
    Helene recently posted..Latch A Babe Nursing and Maternity Wear

  • AnneM

    I completely agree with you, I would rather take criticisms than lose my child! Besides, it is your right as a mother to keep *your* child safe. And if that means securing him with Curios George (my son loves him as well) then so be it.
    AnneM recently posted..New Zealand Man Kills a 6-Month Old Through Violent Shaking

  • Mary Jobe

    I watch my sister in laws toddler quite often and I agree that kids have absolutely no fear of running off into danger. That monkey harness looks like a cute idea.

  • Legally Mama

    To be honest, I used to frown upon parents putting their kids on a harness. But that changed entirely when I became a parent myself. The idea of loosing your kid in the midst of a crowd is unnerving. So now, harness doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me at all. I agree with Helene’s opinion: no one has the right to criticize a parent’s decision to make sure that their child is safe and secure.
    Legally Mama recently posted..What’s in a name?

    1. The Lazy Mama

      Thanks you guys! Makes me feel more confident. There was actually one time when we used it that my kid told me, “Mama, like dog?” He’s smiling and I think he thought we’re just role-playing but somehow I feel guilty.

  • Badet

    I plan to buy and use a harness too for my baby by the time she’s walking and we’ll go malling. Malls here can get pretty crowded so better safe than sorry.

    We don’t bring the yaya when we go out, parang time-off/day-off na rin nya.
    Badet recently posted..Toy spree

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