The Problem with Breastfeeding Stations

I was supposed to miss this week’s Wednesday post (I do that weekly if you haven’t noticed) because my little Jack Jack is having a REALLY upset stomach that I am trying my very best to focus on him. However, having heard of this upsetting news, I can’t help but do a post. A Thursday post.

Having someone or anyone stop a mother from breastfeeding in the Philippines (except for well-meaning people or unsolicited advices) is something that I could not imagine. I thought our culture is more leaned on “looking the other way” especially when it is not our business. It’s not always a good thing but it’s got a positive effect on breastfeeding. I guess that is going to change.

I first heard it from the Painter’s Wife and then another incident from Ambquezada. I am quite disgusted and furious (enough to make me blog) since SM Malls have recently been promoting breastfeeding in their malls especially that they hosted several breastfeeding events (I’ve even attended one last year) plus they strived (or so I thought) very hard to make sure that all their malls nationwide would have a breastfeeding station.

I believe the problem with having breastfeeding stations is that people tend to think that breastfeeding mothers SHOULD use it when they are breastfeeding in a place where there is a designated breastfeeding station. If this is the case, then people who bought food-to-go should not be allowed to eat it anywhere else besides the dining areas including the cinemas. Or the coffee, smoothies or whatever it is that is ingested should be consumed ONLY in the dining areas. Now, wouldn’t that be fair?

I think it is really important for Moms to breastfeed in public to promote that it is normal and beautiful and wonderful. It should never be something to be kept in a closed door. And as Jen said it, “Breastfeeding mothers have the right to feed their children whenever they get hungry!”




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  • Lea Sta. Maria Dalisay

    something new came my way. people actually think that for the sake of privacy we should breastfeed in public toilets. someone even said we should have nursing stalls inside public toilets. I can’t imagine the horror.

    it’s not an actual issue yet. just a couple of people liking and reposting someone photo nursing in a PWD toilet. I just thought that maybe you can tell people NOT to breastfeed in toilets. they can always just use a nursing cover instead.

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