Christmas Decor Storage Tips

Decorating for Christmas could be so much easier to start during the Christmas season because the spirit of Christmas is so much more exciting. However, after all the partying and the celebrations have passed, it would be less exciting to clean up and put the decors away for storage. I don’t know about you but this is typical of me. I’m not very fond of clean-ups.

Since moving houses for a few times now, my Christmas decor storage boxes are not in good shape anymore. Some of them have already been ruined for good. For them to make it to next year, I will need to find a way to store them nicely and frugally.

1. Store fragile ornaments in clear plastic bins. Having clear bins would enable you to see through it without opening. You can also color code the bins and store like colors in each bin. Line the bins with a cardboard and hot glue plastic cups that will hold the ornaments. Smaller ornaments can be stored in egg cartons or muffin pans.

2. Pack away Christmas lights neatly using a flat carton or a paper towel carton. Cut a slit from one side of it so you can clip an end of the Christmas light. I’m liking the flat carton idea because it saves on space compared to the paper towel carton. Also, it is easier to check for busted bulbs without removing it from the carton. But as long as it is untangled, you’d be happier to start decorating next Christmas season.

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3. Other wires can be stored using my ever favorite twist tie. Believe me, it’s a must-have for every home just like the duct tape.

4. Label the lights, boxes and bins for where each of them go. This way you don’t mix them up.

5. Store artificial Christmas tree in it’s original box. Or a really large plastic bin. Because mine has broken through the years. So if anyone has seen a 12″H x 48″W x 16″D locally like the one below and preferably on sale, please do let me know where.

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Off I go now to putting the decors away. The tree would be left up while I’m looking for the bin. Wish me luck!

So how do you store your Christmas decors?

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  • AnneM

    That’s the hassle of Christmas decor.. eventually they have to be stored :(
    AnneM recently posted..Can a Mother & Child’s Bond Determine Obesity? Study Says YES.

    1. The Lazy Mama

      Yes, it sometimes feels that way. Somehow, I envy the Santa Claus house, they never had the need to put down the decors.

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