Preschooler Chores

By nature, Jack Jack always had the curiosity enthusiasm to help. He wants to have a hand at everything. He is always mimicking what I do – to which I am very grateful and also very very careful not to do something I wouldn’t want him to do as well. As a preschooler, I knew he could already be given small chores.

Lately, the husband and I have been doing the chores by ourselves. I have given up on hiring house helps. The good ones are so hard to find. And if, you are unfortunate enough, they could even betray/harm you and your family. I just hope this one’s the last of her kind.

Jack Jack was only a year old when I saw his desire to help – I can give him a wipe and he would clean-up his high-chair table. Well, it’s not as clean as I want it to be but you know what I mean. Later on, he does the same even when we’re dining out.

Here’s a list of his usual chores:

  1. Making the bed.
  2. Putting his toys away. Sorting it in groups per toy bin.
  3. Brushing the shower floor.
  4. Cleaning his slippers/toys. Just give him an old toothbrush and soapy (preferably bubbly) water – he knows what to do.
  5. Picking up dirty clothes and putting it into Thomas the hamper.
  6. Wiping the floor.
  7. Folding some clothes. He can fold shorts, PJ’s and towels – so far.
  8. Shoes in the rack after taking it off.

Sometimes, I just want to go ahead and do it myself because it takes so much time to wait for him. But because it makes me so proud to be able to teach him these skills, I am enjoying it even if patience is already running short.

Tips to encourage preschoolers to do the chores:

  • Make it fun. Always. If it’s not fun, they won’t do it.
  • Do it together. I noticed when I tell Jack Jack that I’d help him, he is more likely to oblige himself.
  • Sing songs. Yep! Be Mary Poppins! Any other song will do.
  • As much as possible, keep it short.
  • Learn to let go. When chores aren’t done according to your standards, look away. He’s only a preschooler, remember?
  • Reward with praise.
There are times I don’t want him to touch the cleaning tools because I don’t want him to get dirty. But giving your preschooler chores teaches him the value of responsibility. Asking for their help makes them feel like a team player and important in the family. Not to mention the valuable developmental skills he’d be learning.

Some more chores I’d like for him to learn:

  1. Folding more types of clothes. I hate doing it so the earlier he learns, the better.
  2. Sweep the floor. I’d like him to have a smaller broom and dust pan.
  3. Setting the table. I still can’t seem to trust him handling china. Maybe we can start out with the spoon and fork.
  4. Water the plants. This is for when we actually have a plant.

We still have a lot more to go before I could actually put my feet up and drink my wine but we will get there. Aah, so looking forward to that day!

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