The After Potty Clean Up Kit

Jack Jack is almost done with potty trainingnow. Our only problem these days are his night wettings. The rest of the time, he can go to the bathroom by himself. So before I forget (I have a pretty short term memory, btw) what I do when cleaning him up, I’m putting it out here.

It’s not the most pleasant thing to talk about but I’m pretty sure any one who’s had babies has their own routine for potty clean up. Nobody likes it and I hate it the most when it happens outdoors especially when it is disrupting shopping.

The most important thing is to have everything you need within arms reach. I put everything I need inside a pouch or ziplock bag. The pouch or bag catches the spills if in case it does. I have listed the contents below from the most important down to the least. It’s pretty common to forget some of it – just make sure you do not forget the one’s on top of the list. To avoid forgetting, have two sets of it. One for the diaper bag and another at home. Have a backup set in the car, if you can.

1. Diapers. Disposable or washable, the younger your child, the more you need this as they poop  a lot. Even more if you are breastfeeding. Do not forget stocking up on this unless you have trained your child for elimination communication. Have I mentioned babies poop a lot?

2. Wipes. These are pretty handy. We use it for easy clean ups. It isn’t so environmentally friendly but you can make your own if you wish.

3. Soap. See that little bottle in the picture? I just refill it so it doesn’t take so much space.

4. Alcohol. Use it to sanitize those public changing tables that we don’t want to know what’s been on it. I have only been able to use it one time. I do the change in the car or the stroller. Never again. It just irks me.

5. California Baby Diaper Area Wash. This one’s at the end of the list because you don’t really need it but it’s really nice to have. This thing works magic – it takes away all the boo boo smells that soap can’t do. I have even diluted it 1-1 with water and it still works. It is expensive but I haven’t finished the one bottle I purchased for Jack Jack.

6. Changing Pad. My diaper bag came in with it’s own changing pad.

It is so much easier now that I don’t use diapers anymore. Yay! Jack Jack have full control already unless it’s diarrhea. I still pack for extra shorts sometimes but we don’t get to use it for accidents anymore.

Care to share what’s in your kit?

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