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Some cities are already implementing the No Plastic Bag rules which is great because plastic bag usage will surely be reduced but I doubt that it can ever be completely eliminated from our lives. Honestly, I don’t like them so I try as much as I can to minimize having them. If I could only fit everything that I bought in my bag just to avoid acquiring them, I would. But that is not always the case.

As much as I don’t like having them, I can’t just throw it away after a one-time usage. I try to reuse them as much as I could before they hit our landfills. They problem is their storage. They aren’t that easy to store, you know.

Before, I used to fold my plastic bags like this:

But it became too tedious for smaller plastic bags. The folding still works for large bags but I found an easier solution for the smaller ones. The solution is something that I have been throwing away after use. And it’s none other than the Baby Wipes container.

I have seen other grocery bag holders that does the same while others have DIYed it which are great. But the wipe container is zero cost and zero effort.

It works even with the plastic containers or the foil packs of baby wipes. Throw one in the car, in the kitchen and in the bath.

How do you store your plastic bags?

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  • Badet

    I fold the plastic bags into a triangle too. When its too small, I just crumple it and stuff in a jar where we put the plastic bags for reuse as trash bag.
    Badet recently posted..The playard solves it!

  • Kat

    This is a cool tip! Thanks for sharing, sis!
    I found your site through GT.
    Kat recently posted..Ten Things That Make Me Smile

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