Finger Puppets

I am always on the look-out for things or activities to keep Jack Jack busy. I’m pretty sure any parent does the same thing. It is always tempting to switch their attention to the tube when I ran out of ideas but I always try not to. He has too much screen time already if you are to include the time he spends in front of the computer.

Meet the finger puppets!

I just showed Jack Jack the fingers talking, singing, hiding, kissing, etc. After 5 minutes, I left him alone with 10 new friends.

Actually, I have been planning on buying real made velvet finger puppets but it has almost always managed to slip my mind so here’s my version of it. Besides, what could be more mind stimulating when toys are this simple?


P.S. Do not be surprised if they asked that you draw faces on your fingers too.

P.P.S. Be sure to use water-based pens so they can be easily removed. I’m not telling how long it took for me to remove the inks.

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