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I’m not sure how much I have emphasized our family’s love for books on this blog but let me assure you that it is quite extreme. Our dream home would definitely include a room for a library. Not a study area. A room full of books. Wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Honestly, I miss reading books since I do not have the time anymore. I would love to be able to spend one whole night with my head buried in a book. I miss reading a whole novel in one seating without putting it down.

There are times that I cannot stop myself from taking home books whenever I get inside a bookstore even if I know I will never have the time to read it. Although I make sure it stays in my purse for as long as when another new book comes along, it just never get read. Most of the time.

Oh well.

I always wish that our local libraries would allow borrowing of the books just like how normal libraries should be. I think this only happens locally for school or university libraries and not the city library. Also, given my predicament above, I will definitely be in debt out of penalties for not returning the books in time. If I don’t have the time to read them, I may never have the time to return the books as well. Do the math.

Jack Jack has definitely inherited me and the husband’s love for books. He loves it so much that it can be used to distract him (Sorry, electronic toys!). So, it just fits that I bring him to the city library. I brought him to the biggest – The National Library.

I believe I mentioned that last year but I just never got the chance to blog about it. We went there during the National Library’s celebration of the Children’s Month. Jack Jack enjoyed out little field trip especially that he got to see a puppet show along with other kids as well as book reading.

This is probably the biggest (as it is The National Library) public library in the country but I’m hoping to visit other city libraries as well.

Hope to bump into you there!


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  • Anne @GreenEggs&Moms

    In high school and college I used to hang out a lot in the library reading about anything that interests me. I still do miss libraries – knowing that there are thousands of interesting books is such a wonderful feeling.
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