Media Files

With how much pictures people have these days and the amount of digital cameras we have, it is not surprising that we will always have a full disk of media files. I have thousands of media files in my hard disk ever since image files have been born. At first, I did not know how

The Baby Bond Birthday Treat

Happy birthday to me! Yay! Time flies really fast doesn’t it? But I guess it is the norm when you reach the 30-ish age. Or is it just me? Have I got a treat for you! The Baby Bond Nursing Covers is giving out 25% discount for all The Lazy Mama readers and followers. Just

Activity: Clay Play

Because Jack Jack and I spend lots of time together and he tires me pretty much quickly of his hyperactive personality, I’m always on the lookout for activities that can make him sit still, be curious, be happy and with me either in front of the laptop or beside him just sitting without too much

Potty Training Update 2

Goodbye diapers!!! Well, don’t take me wrong. I’m just tired of buying and using diapers and I’m really psyched that we’re not using diapers anymore especially since Jack Jack turned 3 last Sunday. There are still accidents – they are called accidents which means unavoidable so we’re not 100% dry. We just got rid of

Afternoon Naps

Due to the sudden change to a cool weather and along with my deprivation of it, I’m thinking sleep. When I was a kid, every kid in the family have to take their afternoon naps. They call it the siesta during the Spanish era. A habit that every Filipino have been accustomed to. Power nap