8 Things I Learned From My Mother

As an ode to Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, I’d like to dedicate this post to my Mom and to all the Mama readers. Please put a reminder in your phone with an alarm to say “I love you, Mom” four days from now, May 8, 2011. My Mom was never the sweet, touchy-freely Mom.

Making Things Easier

Two hours ago, I was cramming. It is Wednesday. I don’t have a post yet. And neither does a topic to start from. Feeling a bit terrible that I dropped off my kid at my Mom’s yesterday to spend the rest of the week there. Not to mention that my work is demanding more hours

Chihuahua: The Lazy’s Pet

I don’t believe I have emphasized more on this blog how much research I’ve put before adopting Portia. By the way, she’s our first born Chihuahua. We adopted her while I was still pregnant with my little man. We all know how much of a responsibility it is going to be when you adopt a

Self-Sustaining Project: Solar Powered Heater

I don’t believe I have mentioned this project before but I’m mentioning it now, obviously (sorry, I’m blabbing once again!). Anyways, in lieu of the World Water Day yesterday and the upcoming Earth Hour this Saturday, March 26, 2011, where we are definitely participating, I’d like to talk about this solution we have adapted during

Breastfeeding in the Face of Disaster

If it isn’t a war, it would be a natural disaster that is going to put your family in an emergency situation. Since the start of the year, Middle Eastern countries have been facing turmoil while the other parts of the world are feeling the wrath of Mother Nature. I really do not enjoy talking