Doctor Visits

Doctor visits are usually the dreaded times in our lives. Because you can always push it back to another day and procrastinate. But we all know check-ups should be done regularly especially when vaccines should be administered. For some reason, Jack Jack was not the typical kid when he walks into the doctor’s clinic. Normally,

Free Play Areas

Normally, I’d like to play with my little man at home. It was so much easier and I can always control the environment. But I know there are times he wants to go outside. Of course I’d like that too but the hassles of going out (getting ready, packing, traveling, parking, costs, etc.) are sometimes

Baby Diapers

Since I’ve already mentioned to you our potty training project (Yeah, I call it project because it is not a one-step process.), I’d like to tackle the diapering option that we took. Cloth, washable, gauze, disposable, cloth-like, plastic, velcro, tapes, whatever your diaper is made of, you need to choose one or more from them.

Potty Training Update 1

I believe it is just about right that I give you an update of how we’re doing now with our potty training. It’s been 5  months since we started and we’re still not yet fully potty trained. Probably because we just take it lightly. I’d really love to take it seriously and just get over