You & Me & The Lazy Mama

Since the start of the month, I noticed a lot of breastfeeding events in the metro. I wanted to go but I just started working full time and just looking after Jack Jack is already a handful. I know it’s no excuse so I promised myself I’d go to one of them. Even to just

Review: Munchkin Snack Catcher

So this is what they call writer’s block. I have 15 topics listed in my Drafts folder and I can’t seem to choose one to write about. With the roller coaster ride that’s been happening around here in Manila – foreign exchange, hostage taking crisis and Venus Raj winning 4th runner up Miss Universe ….

Brush! Brush! Brush!

Since I was a kid, my parents thought me to brush my teeth everyday. You might say it is not so important when all they have are temporary teeth – thinking they’re going to fall off anyway. Well, think of this. If they start off with bad teeth, they’re going to have bad teeth all

Lazy Mama’s First Birthday

I was cramming these last two weeks because I couldn’t think of a good post for my first year. I can’t believe Lazy Mama is a year old! I have lots of plans. I’ve started with my new twitter account. The old one seems to be all over everywhere and I just wanted to keep

Potty Training Readiness

Last Christmas, my in-laws were visited by a family close to them way back when. One of them was a little girl close to Jack Jack’s age who was not only talking in sentences (Jack Jack was not yet that clear with words that time) but she’s also not wearing any diapers. I was in