Munchkin Straw Cup

We have two of these Munchkin Mighty Grip Flip Top Straw Cup. The other one’s flip top doesn’t stay closed so we don’t use it anymore. Besides, it is easier to keep just one. It forces me to wash it everyday – a habit I’m forcing into my system. But before I got this baby,

DIY Trick or Treat Costume: Ben 10

This year, for Halloween, is the first time I got to have Jack Jack choose his own trick or treat costume. Besides the fact that he’s got a lot of opinion now, he enjoys independence especially with decision making. If I were to decide on his costume and he doesn’t like it, I don’t believe

The Homeschooling Option

I’m not sure what got into me except for the fact that I can see Jack Jack and our family benefiting so much if we would choose to homeschool. If you will notice, I have a new category on homeschooling. Honestly, I am not the teacher-material. I think many people knew that. And my patience hangs quite

I’m the Mom!

I’m not sure if you have seen this but I couldn’t help but laugh throughout the entire song.  Only because I see bits of myself through it. And definitely because I’m the Mom! I am not perfect at all. As a mother, we naturally have this instinct to push our kids to be better. One

Curly Me

I just realized that I have been wearing my hair curly for more than two years now. My hair is naturally curly. I usually had it relaxed because I don’t want to be curly. Surprisingly, I’m quite enjoying my curls. Honestly, I would rather have my head shaved but the husband doesn’t want me to.