Review: Ameda Purely Yours Experience

Firstly, I’d like to thank my lovely readers who kept on coming back. I created this blog simply to compile what I do to keep on top of things even if I am lazy. Not working hard but working smart. I was not aware that anybody would even be interested with my laziness. Anyways, I

Whip ‘Em Out

I like how these hollywood celebrity moms did their campaign on breastfeeding. I find it cute and humorous which is pretty rare with a breastfeeding video. Lisa Loeb and Kelly Rutherford are also in the vid! Did you like this post? Want updates from The Lazy Mama? Subscribe to the RSS Feed OR follow me on

Unang Yakap

This is pretty much the equivalent of the Breast Crawl in the Philippine setting. Unang Yakap, which means First Hug/Embrace, is Department of Health‘s, with the support of the World Health Organization, video campaign on Essential Newborn Care. This is now a protocol during birth. I’m just glad that we have our own version of

You & Me & The Lazy Mama

Since the start of the month, I noticed a lot of breastfeeding events in the metro. I wanted to go but I just started working full time and just looking after Jack Jack is already a handful. I know it’s no excuse so I promised myself I’d go to one of them. Even to just