Book Lovers

Both the husband and I are book lovers. We both grew up with a passion for reading books. Yeah, we’re geeks! The reading is probably why I needed corrective eyeglasses but that never stopped me. When we had Jack Jack, we wanted him to have the same fondness for books. And it seems that he

Color Sorting

I cannot remember exactly when Jack Jack learned to recognize colors perfectly but it’s definitely before his third birthday. We have books on colors and we just kept on testing his knowledge on colors until he can always answer with the correct color. He even knows Indigo! As another activity, I figured he should be

8 Travel Boredom Busters for Kids

I love doing everything and anything with my kid. Anything but waiting. You see, kids are not very good with boredom. They are even bored when doing something. How much more when they are doing nothing? I can assure you boredom in kids could result into a cranky, tantrum packed kid. And you are definitely

Activity: Clay Play Tools

Do you remember how much Jack Jack loved playing with his Play-Doh last month? Too much I had to keep the Play-Doh tub hidden just so he would forget about it. Yes! Yes! Yes! All me! All me! Jack Jack was jumping up and down, proudly pointing at his creation. Probably the same way when