Activity: First Train Ride

Recently, I have been spending more and more time away from my kid, Jack Jack. He has been growing up so fast and learning a lot of things independently. However, as much as I’d like to watch every second of that happen, it is really not possible now that I have a number of part

DIY Trick or Treat Costume: Thomas the Train

I’m noticing I’ve been doing a lot of DIY lately. I really do enjoy doing them. I think it’s therapeutic. It’s so nice when you can proudly say you made something. Especially when it’s for someone you love. I’m really not the DIY girl. I did crafts when I was in high school and a

I am the lazy mama.

I am a mother. I am a wife. I am lazy. I am a breastfeeding advocate. I am a housekeeper. I like freebies and discounts but I am never the freeloader. I am bossy. I am a belly dancer. I like shortcuts. I like gadgets. I like to travel. I am obsessive compulsive. I don’t