Finger Puppets

I am always on the look-out for things or activities to keep Jack Jack busy. I’m pretty sure any parent does the same thing. It is¬†always tempting to switch their attention to the tube when I ran out of ideas but I always try not to. He has too much screen time already if you

Plastic Bag Organizer

Some cities are already implementing the No Plastic Bag rules which is great because plastic bag usage will surely be reduced but I doubt that it can ever be completely eliminated from our lives. Honestly, I don’t like them so I try as much as I can to minimize having them. If I could only

DIY Trick or Treat Costume: Ben 10

This year, for Halloween, is the first time I got to have Jack Jack choose his own trick or treat costume. Besides the fact that he’s got a lot of opinion now, he enjoys independence especially with decision making. If I were to decide on his costume and he doesn’t like it, I don’t believe

Water Purifier

Image via Wikipedia When I was a kid, I remember people fetching water from springs, streams, brooks or man-made deepwell. These were enough for drinking water. But these days, you’d want¬†need your drinking water purified from a water purifier or order bottled waters from water purifying companies. Ideally, the water that comes out of the