Activity: Clay Play Tools

Do you remember how much Jack Jack loved playing with his Play-Doh last month? Too much I had to keep the Play-Doh tub hidden just so he would forget about it. Yes! Yes! Yes! All me! All me! Jack Jack was jumping up and down, proudly pointing at his creation. Probably the same way when

Activity: Clay Play

Because Jack Jack and I spend lots of time together and he tires me pretty much quickly of his hyperactive personality, I’m always on the lookout for activities that can make him sit still, be curious, be happy and with me either in front of the laptop or beside him just sitting without too much

Self-Sustaining Project: Solar Powered Heater

I don’t believe I have mentioned this project before but I’m mentioning it now, obviously (sorry, I’m blabbing once again!). Anyways, in lieu of the World Water Day yesterday and the upcoming Earth Hour this Saturday, March 26, 2011, where we are definitely participating, I’d like to talk about this solution we have adapted during

Doctor Visits

Doctor visits are usually the dreaded times in our lives. Because you can always push it back to another day and procrastinate. But we all know check-ups should be done regularly especially when vaccines should be administered. For some reason, Jack Jack was not the typical kid when he walks into the doctor’s clinic. Normally,

Baby Diapers

Since I’ve already mentioned to you our potty training project (Yeah, I call it project because it is not a one-step process.), I’d like to tackle the diapering option that we took. Cloth, washable, gauze, disposable, cloth-like, plastic, velcro, tapes, whatever your diaper is made of, you need to choose one or more from them.