SSS Maternity Benefit Part 1: How to avail?

Sorry for the inconvenience. I just checked my links for the forms and it seems that the Official Website of the Office of the President is under construction currently down. I know I should host the forms but I’m lazy, remember?¬†Besides, it would be a waste of web space redundant to host it if there’s

Keeping Your Freezer Cool

These days are about the hottest I have ever experienced. I think it’s even hotter than the 90’s El Nino. I don’t sweat much while Big J and Jack Jack would sweat even in an air conditioned room so I really hate it when the temperature gets even a bit hot. When my skin would

Self Sustaining House?

Big J and I have always wanted a self-sustainable house. ¬†Where we don’t have to depend on the electric company or water company for our utilities. But then maybe, we could just have a backup electricity or water source now and then. I just can’t imagine life without the lights and running water. Since I

Administer Medication for Kids

Being on hiatus for almost 2 months, I believe it is just about right that I explain myself without wasting blogspace. I know I have let go of my online job last year and it would appear that I should have enough time for blogging. Not! Right about the time I let my job go,

Baby Tripod

I’ve always liked taking pictures. Not a fan of DSLR though – no offense to people who are. They take wonderful pictures and I admire how they could just capture those special moments. I just don’t like bulky cameras. I’m more of a point-and-shoot girl. Speaking of bulky… During our honeymoon, a friend asked me