Plastic Bag Organizer

Some cities are already implementing the No Plastic Bag rules which is great because plastic bag usage will surely be reduced but I doubt that it can ever be completely eliminated from our lives. Honestly, I don’t like them so I try as much as I can to minimize having them. If I could only

Christmas Decor Storage Tips

Decorating for Christmas could be so much easier to start during the Christmas season because the spirit of Christmas is so much more exciting. However, after all the partying and the celebrations have passed, it would be less exciting to clean up and put the decors away for storage. I don’t know about you but

Curly Me

I just realized that I have been wearing my hair curly for more than two years now. My hair is naturally curly. I usually had it relaxed because I don’t want to be curly. Surprisingly, I’m quite enjoying my curls. Honestly, I would rather have my head shaved but the husband doesn’t want me to.


Jack Jack loves slides. So I think it would only be right if my stairs at home is altered to be like this: And since I don’t have a laundry shoot, it would also help to bring the dirty clothes down. Two birds in one stone! *Image source unknown. Did you like this post? Want

Peeling Garlic

And I thought I have the fastest method to peel garlic. I don’t cook much but when I do, I like using garlic. I guess it’s a staple for any Filipino kitchen. My method is simple. Slightly crush one or two cloves of garlic under a knife that is laid on it’s side using the