Water Purifier

Image via Wikipedia When I was a kid, I remember people fetching water from springs, streams, brooks or man-made deepwell. These were enough for drinking water. But these days, you’d want need your drinking water purified from a water purifier or order bottled waters from water purifying companies. Ideally, the water that comes out of the

Thomas The Train Clothes Hamper

I can’t believe it is July already. Where did half the year go? Everyday, it gets busier and busier I am losing track of time. I was thinking of giving this away to anyone who wants/needs it. But it’s been collecting dust in another room in the house since last year’s Halloween so I decided

Activity: Clay Play

Because Jack Jack and I spend lots of time together and he tires me pretty much quickly of his hyperactive personality, I’m always on the lookout for activities that can make him sit still, be curious, be happy and with me either in front of the laptop or beside him just sitting without too much

Making Things Easier

Two hours ago, I was cramming. It is Wednesday. I don’t have a post yet. And neither does a topic to start from. Feeling a bit terrible that I dropped off my kid at my Mom’s yesterday to spend the rest of the week there. Not to mention that my work is demanding more hours

Self-Sustaining Project: Solar Powered Heater

I don’t believe I have mentioned this project before but I’m mentioning it now, obviously (sorry, I’m blabbing once again!). Anyways, in lieu of the World Water Day yesterday and the upcoming Earth Hour this Saturday, March 26, 2011, where we are definitely participating, I’d like to talk about this solution we have adapted during