Self Sustaining House?

Big J and I have always wanted a self-sustainable house. ¬†Where we don’t have to depend on the electric company or water company for our utilities. But then maybe, we could just have a backup electricity or water source now and then. I just can’t imagine life without the lights and running water. Since I

French Fries

As some of you may have known, my kid is a picky eater. I have offered him a variety of food since his Cerelac days (I do not want to go back to that), but all he eats now are just french fries, pork chicharon, bacon, donut, biscuits, cupcakes (depending on the flavor),watermelon, mangoes, juice,

Container Organization

We’re currently renting out a house and I know that sooner or later we’d be moving. Still, I have been “nesting” these couple of months and has just started organizing the kitchen. So, above you’ll see one of my cupboards for plastic containers. I know that they’re not green at all but it works pretty

Splatter Guard

Image via Wikipedia I kind of like cooking. It’s a good feeling when you are able to nourish the people you love and that they also appreciate it. Besides the clean-up, another thing that I hate about the cooking part is preventing burns from oil splash or bubbling while deep frying. I hate having burn


I tend to forget things. Mental notes for me are as good as writing notes on water. I don’t have the sharpest memory. The main reason why I skipped the epidural when I gave birth. I try as much as I can to remember everything but I think this head can only hold so much