The National Library

I’m not sure how much I have emphasized our family’s love for books on this blog but let me assure you that it is quite extreme. Our dream home would definitely include a room for a library. Not a study area. A room full of books. Wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Honestly, I

Finger Puppets

I am always on the look-out for things or activities to keep Jack Jack busy. I’m pretty sure any parent does the same thing. It is always tempting to switch their attention to the tube when I ran out of ideas but I always try not to. He has too much screen time already if you

Preschooler Chores

By nature, Jack Jack always had the curiosity enthusiasm to help. He wants to have a hand at everything. He is always mimicking what I do – to which I am very grateful and also very very careful not to do something I wouldn’t want him to do as well. As a preschooler, I knew he

Taming Preschooler Worksheets

I should have shared this with you long ago. Well, not too long ago, just last year. I started giving a few worksheets for Jack Jack to complete in addition to coloring pages and other activities that we do. He colors with a passion, by the way. I print a lot of worksheets because Jack

The Homeschooling Option

I’m not sure what got into me except for the fact that I can see Jack Jack and our family benefiting so much if we would choose to homeschool. If you will notice, I have a new category on homeschooling. Honestly, I am not the teacher-material. I think many people knew that. And my patience hangs quite