The Baby Sherpa Diaper Bag

When I had Jack Jack, I wanted a versatile and quality diaper bag. Something that I can use anywhere without it looking like a diaper bag. I bought only two diaper bags. And boy, they were a great investment for me because they offered a lot of features. One of the two is the Baby

Thomas The Train Clothes Hamper

I can’t believe it is July already. Where did half the year go? Everyday, it gets busier and busier I am losing track of time. I was thinking of giving this away to anyone who wants/needs it. But it’s been collecting dust in another room in the house since last year’s Halloween so I decided

Media Files

With how much pictures people have these days and the amount of digital cameras we have, it is not surprising that we will always have a full disk of media files. I have thousands of media files in my hard disk ever since image files have been born. At first, I did not know how

Making Things Easier

Two hours ago, I was cramming. It is Wednesday. I don’t have a post yet. And neither does a topic to start from. Feeling a bit terrible that I dropped off my kid at my Mom’s yesterday to spend the rest of the week there. Not to mention that my work is demanding more hours