Chihuahua: The Lazy’s Pet

I don’t believe I have emphasized more on this blog how much research I’ve put before adopting Portia. By the way, she’s our first born Chihuahua. We adopted her while I was still pregnant with my little man. We all know how much of a responsibility it is going to be when you adopt a

Breastfeeding in the Face of Disaster

If it isn’t a war, it would be a natural disaster that is going to put your family in an emergency situation. Since the start of the year, Middle Eastern countries have been facing turmoil while the other parts of the world are feeling the wrath of Mother Nature. I really do not enjoy talking

7 Fuel Frugal Tips

If only it was feasible for me to have an electric car, then I might have gotten one. Feasible I say because of the price and also there should be an electric car charging station from location to location. That would have been so cool to see! Unfortunately, there’s none. And unfortunately, people who don’t

Cable & Wire Management

Being techie and with how advanced our time is right now, almost everything requires cables and wires. When I was a kid the only wires we take care of are from the fridge, television and fan. Life was simple. Now, there’s the DVD player, audio system, desktop computer, cellphone charger(s), data cable, digicam charger, USB

The “New” Lazy Mama

Well, this is still me. That can either be good or bad for you – depends on who you are! Haha! Just kidding. Anyways, let me just welcome you to the new domain of The Lazy Mama. It took me a while to choose the theme before I got here but it is all worth