Internet Addiction

I got to say I am addicted. I tried to find a support group online but this would mean I would still need to be online. Everytime I see my laptop, I turn it on. Check my email, surf, blog, tweet, blog hop, shop… then leave it for a bit. Just to go back to


Delegation is probably the hardest for me to do. You might think I’m crazy. Well, yes. It’s just that I want things done perfectly that I don’t want to blame myself for passing it on to someone else and not liking the results. Do you know why I didn’t hire a full time nanny for


I missed posting the other week because I was only able to schedule one post. And with the aftermath of the storm Ondoy (Ketsana), we have to clean up the whole house. Everything got washed up. The spring cleaning I’ve been dreaming of has come without notice! Anyways, we were blessed that each member of

How Do You Clean Your Breastpump?

I don’t enjoy cleaning. It’s just not my thing. I sneeze when I dust. But when I do clean, I’d like to clean perfectly – germ-free, sparkling, squeaky clean. It used to consume a lot of time because I didn’t know how to maintain. Cleanliness is the most important, of course, when it comes to

Formula Dispensers

Before I gave birth, I had a list of baby stuff completed. I’m a first time Mom and I want to be ready for anything. I bought each of the items slowly – I want to get them at discount prices so waiting for 3-day sales or payday sales is my game. One of the