The After Potty Clean Up Kit

Jack Jack is almost done with potty trainingnow. Our only problem these days are his night wettings. The rest of the time, he can go to the bathroom by himself. So before I forget (I have a pretty short term memory, btw) what I do when cleaning him up, I’m putting it out here. It’s

Kid’s Security

Honestly, I have long been holding off on this post. Maybe because there’s two sides to this and each parent can choose only one. I didn’t write this post to say that I’m right or which side you should be on but for me this makes my life so much easier plus it gives me

I’m the Mom!

I’m not sure if you have seen this but I couldn’t help but laugh throughout the entire song.  Only because I see bits of myself through it. And definitely because I’m the Mom! I am not perfect at all. As a mother, we naturally have this instinct to push our kids to be better. One

Curly Me

I just realized that I have been wearing my hair curly for more than two years now. My hair is naturally curly. I usually had it relaxed because I don’t want to be curly. Surprisingly, I’m quite enjoying my curls. Honestly, I would rather have my head shaved but the husband doesn’t want me to.

The Toddler Bed

Almost a year ago, I purchased this toddler bed (foam not included). It came with a toddler table with chairs and  a toy organizer. It’s got Disney Cars all over it. What was I thinking? Unless he wants to, I don’t want my kid to sleep in another bed just yet. Honestly, it was an