Brush! Brush! Brush!

Since I was a kid, my parents thought me to brush my teeth everyday. You might say it is not so important when all they have are temporary teeth – thinking they’re going to fall off anyway. Well, think of this. If they start off with bad teeth, they’re going to have bad teeth all

Potty Training Readiness

Last Christmas, my in-laws were visited by a family close to them way back when. One of them was a little girl close to Jack Jack’s age who was not only talking in sentences (Jack Jack was not yet that clear with words that time) but she’s also not wearing any diapers. I was in

French Fries

As some of you may have known, my kid is a picky eater. I have offered him a variety of food since his Cerelac days (I do not want to go back to that), but all he eats now are just french fries, pork chicharon, bacon, donut, biscuits, cupcakes (depending on the flavor),watermelon, mangoes, juice,

Administer Medication for Kids

Being on hiatus for almost 2 months, I believe it is just about right that I explain myself without wasting blogspace. I know I have let go of my online job last year and it would appear that I should have enough time for blogging. Not! Right about the time I let my job go,

Letting Go

To start the new year off, posting my new year’s resolution appears to be appropriate. It isn’t a big one because I think it would be more successful if I’d start with a small one. Being lazy and meticulous is hard. Since I can’t mix both, I’ve chosen to be lazy. Pretty cool, huh?! It’s