Be An Organ Donor

As the post title goes, I think it’s pretty much obvious that I’d like to encourage you to be an organ donor. Why? It’s kind of a long story so feel free to skip this if you wish. Last week, I finally had the time to renew my driver’s license. It wasn’t a smooth experience

The Babybond Nursing Cover Winner

I have been swamped with work the whole weekend and Mondays are almost my weekend so I’m really sorry for the delay. Now, without further ado. The Babybond Nursing Cover winner is… … … *Drum roll* … … … Congratulations to Mary Scoggin! Now, I’m sending you an email. It will have the subject: “You’ve

The Terrible 2’s

Pinterest This is not about a kid who turned 2. This blog just turned 2! Definitely not terrible. Wow! Nothing like celebrating your anniversary on World Breastfeeding Month. Related articles Baby Bond Nursing Cover Giveaway & Review ( 10 Habits I Got From Breastfeeding ( A Simple Breastfeeding Campaign ( Why The Lazy Mama Breastfeeds

Lazy Mama’s First Birthday

I was cramming these last two weeks because I couldn’t think of a good post for my first year. I can’t believe Lazy Mama is a year old! I have lots of plans. I’ve started with my new twitter account. The old one seems to be all over everywhere and I just wanted to keep

oDesk Provider Manifesto

I’ve been meaning to post this for quite a while. About 3 months ago, I applied for an oDesk assignment regarding the oDesk Provider Manifesto. All you have to do is recite the manifesto while recording it on video. So, we did! Here’s the final video released a month ago: [youtube=] You can also watch