The Baby Sherpa Diaper Bag

When I had Jack Jack, I wanted a versatile and quality diaper bag. Something that I can use anywhere without it looking like a diaper bag. I bought only two diaper bags. And boy, they were a great investment for me because they offered a lot of features. One of the two is the Baby

Enter the Man Room

Whenever we go shopping, we’re always in a hurry. That is always the case when the husband goes with me. I think most guys never liked the idea of walking around and window shopping is never heard of. They will eat, do whatever should be done and out the mall they go. That’s their plan.

Book Lovers

Both the husband and I are book lovers. We both grew up with a passion for reading books. Yeah, we’re geeks! The reading is probably why I needed corrective eyeglasses but that never stopped me. When we had Jack Jack, we wanted him to have the same fondness for books. And it seems that he


Jack Jack loves slides. So I think it would only be right if my stairs at home is altered to be like this: And since I don’t have a laundry shoot, it would also help to bring the dirty clothes down. Two birds in one stone! *Image source unknown. Did you like this post? Want

Peeling Garlic

And I thought I have the fastest method to peel garlic. I don’t cook much but when I do, I like using garlic. I guess it’s a staple for any Filipino kitchen. My method is simple. Slightly crush one or two cloves of garlic under a knife that is laid on it’s side using the