Life is Wonderful!

If we’re friends on Facebook, I think it would be pretty obvious that I can’t get enough of this video. You have got to see it! I think everybody should.   Related articles Manila Domestic Airport is a Mama-Baby-Kid Friendly Zone ( Why The Lazy Mama Breastfeeds ( Color Sorting (

Be An Organ Donor

As the post title goes, I think it’s pretty much obvious that I’d like to encourage you to be an organ donor. Why? It’s kind of a long story so feel free to skip this if you wish. Last week, I finally had the time to renew my driver’s license. It wasn’t a smooth experience

The Toddler Bed

Almost a year ago, I purchased this toddler bed (foam not included). It came with a toddler table with chairs and  a toy organizer. It’s got Disney Cars all over it. What was I thinking? Unless he wants to, I don’t want my kid to sleep in another bed just yet. Honestly, it was an

Color Sorting

I cannot remember exactly when Jack Jack learned to recognize colors perfectly but it’s definitely before his third birthday. We have books on colors and we just kept on testing his knowledge on colors until he can always answer with the correct color. He even knows Indigo! As another activity, I figured he should be