Water Purifier

Image via Wikipedia When I was a kid, I remember people fetching water from springs, streams, brooks or man-made deepwell. These were enough for drinking water. But these days, you’d want need your drinking water purified from a water purifier or order bottled waters from water purifying companies. Ideally, the water that comes out of the

Thomas The Train Clothes Hamper

I can’t believe it is July already. Where did half the year go? Everyday, it gets busier and busier I am losing track of time. I was thinking of giving this away to anyone who wants/needs it. But it’s been collecting dust in another room in the house since last year’s Halloween so I decided

Review: Combi Toilet Trainer/Potty Seat

Before we finish using the potty seat, I know I promised you I’d make a review for it. I really like doing reviews especially when I’m really, really sure that I’ve looked at all possibilities on the product. I say we’re almost done using the potty seat because we are now transitioning to using the

Activity: Clay Play Tools

Do you remember how much Jack Jack loved playing with his Play-Doh last month? Too much I had to keep the Play-Doh tub hidden just so he would forget about it. Yes! Yes! Yes! All me! All me! Jack Jack was jumping up and down, proudly pointing at his creation. Probably the same way when