Review: Combi Toilet Trainer/Potty Seat

Before we finish using the potty seat, I know I promised you I’d make a review for it. I really like doing reviews especially when I’m really, really sure that I’ve looked at all possibilities on the product. I say we’re almost done using the potty seat because we are now transitioning to using the

Potty Training Update 1

I believe it is just about right that I give you an update of how we’re doing now with our potty training. It’s been 5  months since we started and we’re still not yet fully potty trained. Probably because we just take it lightly. I’d really love to take it seriously and just get over

Mirror, Mirror on my Master Bathroom Wall…

Before the construction ended last June, we were scouting for mirrors to put in for the bathrooms, dressers, shower enclosure and pantry door. All of which have been finalized in the design area except for the mirror for the master bath. See the image above? That’s how my master bathroom double vanity looks like. No

Shower Curtains

I love having shower curtains in the bathroom (I grew up in a non-shower-curtained bathroom. It has tiles though!) because it keeps the non-shower area dry which pretty much makes cleaning easier – not that I’m cleaning them. Or should I say maintenance? I just like them clean and dry. And I don’t like to