Review: Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair

October 6, 2010 UPDATE: Just last week, 10 Million baby gadgets has been recalled by Fisher Price. I immediately checked out if I own any of them here. Glad that I didn’t. Check out yours too! It’s been really, really busy lately. I was lucky enough to land 5 clients and I’m very, very thankful

Review: Munchkin Snack Catcher

So this is what they call writer’s block. I have 15 topics listed in my Drafts folder and I can’t seem to choose one to write about. With the roller coaster ride that’s been happening around here in Manila – foreign exchange, hostage taking crisis and Venus Raj winning 4th runner up Miss Universe ….

French Fries

As some of you may have known, my kid is a picky eater. I have offered him a variety of food since his Cerelac days (I do not want to go back to that), but all he eats now are just french fries, pork chicharon, bacon, donut, biscuits, cupcakes (depending on the flavor),watermelon, mangoes, juice,

Easier Laundry for Baby’s Clothes

I sometimes dread about feeding times. Why? Well, Jack Jack would sometimes spit up the food that goes into his mouth if he’s not busy enough (we make him busy during mealtime with toys and he’d gladly open his mouth). Although sometimes he would more often than not spit it up and the food goes

Mashing Avocadoes

My baby has always enjoyed eating avocadoes since the first time he tasted it. He would eat it as plain avocado – no need to mix anything. Buying them, however, has always been the tricky part. You’d need to be able to choose the one that is not too veiny. Otherwise, mashing them would be