Activity: First Train Ride

Recently, I have been spending more and more time away from my kid, Jack Jack. He has been growing up so fast and learning a lot of things independently. However, as much as I’d like to watch every second of that happen, it is really not possible now that I have a number of part

DIY Trick or Treat Costume: Thomas the Train

I’m noticing I’ve been doing a lot of DIY lately. I really do enjoy doing them. I think it’s therapeutic. It’s so nice when you can proudly say you made something. Especially when it’s for someone you love. I’m really not the DIY girl. I did crafts when I was in high school and a

Whip ‘Em Out

I like how these hollywood celebrity moms did their campaign on breastfeeding. I find it cute and humorous which is pretty rare with a breastfeeding video. Lisa Loeb and Kelly Rutherford are also in the vid! Did you like this post? Want updates from The Lazy Mama? Subscribe to the RSS Feed OR follow me on

Shopping for Air Conditioning Units

Speaking of heat and humidity, I remembered once we were shoping for an air conditioning unit. We wanted something that would last us a long time if not lifetime, cool and power efficient. And so, Big J and I talked to the SA: Big J: How much for a <Brand> 1.5 HP aircon? SA: With