My Little Princess is Here!!!

Remember when I told you that hubby and I wish to live in a self-sustained house? Well, that includes living and eating as natural and as organic as we can. We’re also planning on baking our own bread – from scratch. The problem with that is – I don’t bake. I don’t bake. I. Don’t.

Keeping Your Freezer Cool

These days are about the hottest I have ever experienced. I think it’s even hotter than the 90’s El Nino. I don’t sweat much while Big J and Jack Jack would sweat even in an air conditioned room so I really hate it when the temperature gets even a bit hot. When my skin would

Self Sustaining House?

Big J and I have always wanted a self-sustainable house. ¬†Where we don’t have to depend on the electric company or water company for our utilities. But then maybe, we could just have a backup electricity or water source now and then. I just can’t imagine life without the lights and running water. Since I

Easier Laundry for Baby’s Clothes

I sometimes dread about feeding times. Why? Well, Jack Jack would sometimes spit up the food that goes into his mouth if he’s not busy enough (we make him busy during mealtime with toys and he’d gladly open his mouth). Although sometimes he would more often than not spit it up and the food goes

Shopping for Air Conditioning Units

Speaking of heat and humidity, I remembered once we were shoping for an air conditioning unit. We wanted something that would last us a long time if not lifetime, cool and power efficient. And so, Big J and I talked to the SA: Big J: How much for a <Brand> 1.5 HP aircon? SA: With