I remember scheduling this post but then I just saw it sitting in the Drafts folder. It’s probably just a glitch or maybe my memory just failed me. It’s pretty much the latter. Next to the fridge, the microwave has got to be my favorite kitchen appliance. Since the time it was invented, I think

Healthy Fastfood

When I was pregnant with Jack Jack, I didn’t have a housekeeper. We lived in a condominium and I was pretty sure I could handle things without help. That pregnancy allowed me to cook only a few dishes. The smell of frying something makes me gag and cooking other menus for one is hard for

Keeping Your Freezer Cool

These days are about the hottest I have ever experienced. I think it’s even hotter than the 90’s El Nino. I don’t sweat much while Big J and Jack Jack would sweat even in an air conditioned room so I really hate it when the temperature gets even a bit hot. When my skin would

French Fries

As some of you may have known, my kid is a picky eater. I have offered him a variety of food since his Cerelac days (I do not want to go back to that), but all he eats now are just french fries, pork chicharon, bacon, donut, biscuits, cupcakes (depending on the flavor),watermelon, mangoes, juice,

Container Organization

We’re currently renting out a house and I know that sooner or later we’d be moving. Still, I have been “nesting” these couple of months and has just started organizing the kitchen. So, above you’ll see one of my cupboards for plastic containers. I know that they’re not green at all but it works pretty