Bed Sheet Folding

I know I’ve been missing for a while. I don’t have that much time for blogging and I hate myself for that but what can lazy mama do? Lame excuse, right. Since I can’t do much blogging, I thought I’d share with you this bed sheet folding trick my MIL taught me. I’ve always hated

Letting Go

To start the new year off, posting my new year’s resolution appears to be appropriate. It isn’t a big one because I think it would be more successful if I’d start with a small one. Being lazy and meticulous is hard. Since I can’t mix both, I’ve chosen to be lazy. Pretty cool, huh?! It’s

Easier Laundry for Baby’s Clothes

I sometimes dread about feeding times. Why? Well, Jack Jack would sometimes spit up the food that goes into his mouth if he’s not busy enough (we make him busy during mealtime with toys and he’d gladly open his mouth). Although sometimes he would more often than not spit it up and the food goes