The After Potty Clean Up Kit

Jack Jack is almost done with potty trainingnow. Our only problem these days are his night wettings. The rest of the time, he can go to the bathroom by himself. So before I forget (I have a pretty short term memory, btw) what I do when cleaning him up, I’m putting it out here. It’s

Baby Diapers

Since I’ve already mentioned to you our potty training project (Yeah, I call it project because it is not a one-step process.), I’d like to tackle the diapering option that we took. Cloth, washable, gauze, disposable, cloth-like, plastic, velcro, tapes, whatever your diaper is made of, you need to choose one or more from them.

Potty Training Update 1

I believe it is just about right that I give you an update of how we’re doing now with our potty training. It’s been 5  months since we started and we’re still not yet fully potty trained. Probably because we just take it lightly. I’d really love to take it seriously and just get over

Potty Training Readiness

Last Christmas, my in-laws were visited by a family close to them way back when. One of them was a little girl close to Jack Jack’s age who was not only talking in sentences (Jack Jack was not yet that clear with words that time) but she’s also not wearing any diapers. I was in