Kid’s Security

Honestly, I have long been holding off on this post. Maybe because there’s two sides to this and each parent can choose only one. I didn’t write this post to say that I’m right or which side you should be on but for me this makes my life so much easier plus it gives me


Lately, it has always been raining. My laundry has grown like a monster because the sun does not always shine. And just this afternoon, I woke up to find out that the rain washed our clothes. Our almost dry clothes! Hanging in the clothesline! Aaack! The rain never really bothered me because I can move

Emergency Preparedness

This project has long been overdue. This goes way, way back even before the typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana). I think waaaay long before that.  See, what procrastination brings? I bought that rechargeable thingy after the Ondoy incident. It was pretty hard when the powers are cut off. You’re pretty much cut off from the world as

Splatter Guard

Image via Wikipedia I kind of like cooking. It’s a good feeling when you are able to nourish the people you love and that they also appreciate it. Besides the clean-up, another thing that I hate about the cooking part is preventing burns from oil splash or bubbling while deep frying. I hate having burn

Baby Nail Clippers

This is another must-have if you will look at the usual baby stuff list expecting mothers need to buy. My Mom told me that a regular nail clipper would do so I didn’t buy any. You will find lots of innovations for this little gadget. There’s one that’s got a magnifying glass, a lamp, a